Heavy Duty Wash Water Recycling Systems

Closed-Loop or Partial Reclaim Designs

Controls Odors, Solids & Organic Build-up

Compact Skid-Mounted System

Why Do I Need a Re-Cyke® VR System?

The easiest way to reduce your water costs is to reduce your fresh water usage. Recycling wash water also eliminates EPA and local impact fees, reduces sanitary sewer costs, and water restrictions.  VR Heavy-Duty systems are designed for washing cars, trucks, buses, equipment and other vehicles with sand, dirt, oil, and other commercial/industrial surface layers.

How Does the Re-Cyke® VR System Work?

The Re-Cyke® VR Recycling System pulls the used wash water through the gravity separation system to initially remove some solids, free oils, greases, and waxes. The water is then pumped through multiple solids and polishing filters. The water’s flow is injected with ozone gas for constant bacteria destruction and odor elimination. The treated water is constantly recirculated in a storage tank and re-pressurized for reuse upon demand.


  • High-Efficiency Self-Priming Filter Pump

  • Corona Discharge Ozonation System

  • Epoxy-Coated Steel Frame

  • Multi-Stage / Multi-Pass Filtration

  • Solids Filtration to 5 Microns

  • Pressurized Carbon Polishing Filter

  • High Efficiency Repressurization Pump

  • Low Maintenance Auto-Backwashing Filters

  • Low Operating Costs

  • Minimal Service Attention


  • Can be configured with existing oil/water separators
  • Available in partial reclaim or total closed loop configuration
  • PLC control with remote monitoring
  • Factory pre-assembled turnkey systems on skids
  • Complete system enclosure
  • Modular systems upto 500 gpm
  • ORP/Ph control systems
  • U.L. Listing