Rinse Water Recycling Systems


Retrofit To Existing or New Recycling Systems

Rinse-Quality Water Filtration

Automatic Filter Operation

Why Do I Need a Re-Cyke® CRS Series System?

Most recycling systems can provide filtered wash-quality water. The CRS-Series systems are designed to further treat that water to remove soaps and some dissolved solids to provide water for rinsing the vehicles. This will reduce the amount of fresh water needed for the vehicle washing operation.

How Does the Re-Cyke® CRS System Work?

The CRS-Series rinse water systems are designed to provide rinse-quality water on demand from an automated or manual vehicle wash operation. When needed, the CRS filter pump draws water from the recycled wash water storage tank and pushes it through a deep-bed polishing filter to the rinse process. A pressure switch and tank system assure constant output pressure. The filter automatically backwashes and requires minimum maintenance.


  • Totally Automatic Filtration

  • Deep-bed Carbon Polishing Filter

  • Compact Frame Mounted System

  • High Efficiency Pressurization Pump

  • Installs With Any Recycling System

  • Minimal Maintenance Required

  • Stainless Steel Frame


  • Odor Control Ozonation System
  • Water Storage Tank
  • UL/CSA Listing
  • System Enclosure
  • Ozone Contact Chamber
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Filtration Pre-Treatment