About us

About us

Our team of Professionals and Employees collaborate over 60 years of valuable industry experience in the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and service areas to make Waste Water Design, Inc. a highly successful manufacturer of water treatment equipment.

Waste Water Design is a market leader in providing solutions to waste water problems for commercial and industrial clients. The company is well established as an equipment manufacturer and building contractor with design/build experience in the water treatment, recycling, and reuse industry.

Our Specific Focus includes:

  • Total waste water management from engineering consulting to turn-key facilities
  • Providing solutions for environmental compliance
  • Water recycling and treatment equipment
  • Building design and construction
  • Water reuse and rainwater harvesting

Our clients range from industrial process water generators to vehicle and equipment washing operations.  The water treatment solutions can include the use of multiple technologies, from media and membrane filtration, pH control, ozonation and oil-water separation to flocculation and coagulation systems.

WWD has strong engineering, design, and manufacturing in-house expertise.  There is a depth of in-house management talent with key expertise in the areas of Research and Development, manufacturing, system design, production control and service and installation.

What We Do






WWD currently markets throughout the United States and worldwide.

Groundwater Remediation
Groundwater Remediation
Groundwater Remediation