Aqua Pure Series

Why do I need the Re-cyke® Multi-Media Filter?

Mixed media filters are highly efficient filters that require less space and generally can remove more contaminants than single media filters.  Mixed media filters allow higher flow rates per square foot, and can remove particles down to the 5-15 micron range.  Since these filters clean themselves through a backwash process, there are no consumable products to purchase.

How Does the Multi-Media Filter Work?

The Re-cyke Multi-Media Filter starts with coarse layers on top to pre-filter large solids.  Successively smaller particles are trapped in the finer layers deeper in the filter bed.  Correct layering is essential for proper performance.  Each media is a specific gravity so that even after backwashing, the integrity of the layers remain.  The smallest, heaviest media settles to the bottom and the largest, lightest media rises to the top.  Since contaminant removal occurs throughout the entire depth of the media, these filters are extremely efficient and can capture large amounts of contaminants.


  • Automated Backwashing

  • Media Selection Tailored to Application

  • Skid-Mounted

  • Pre-Plumbed

  • Choice of Steel or Fiberglass Vessels

High Clarity Water

Flow Rates of 5-1000 GPM

Excellent Iron or Solids Filtration


  • Differential Pressure Backwashing
  • PLC  controlled operation
  • Air-Operated valve nest
  • Remote Monitoring Control
  • Media Replacement Kit