Electrical Control Panels

Why Do I Need a Re-Cyke® Control Panel?

WWD is a leader in the design of customized Electrical Control Panels.  Your operational processes will be analyzed, and we will custom manufacture a control panel solution to meet the needs of your business.   Our expertise includes:  Wastewater Treatment Plant Controls, SCADA Systems, Analog Controls, Custom Applications, Material Handling Controls, PLC Controls, Pump Control Panels, VFD Controls and Lift Station Panels.


  • Documentation and labeling to simplify maintenance and troubleshooting in the field

  • Quick quote turnaround time

  • Pre-wiring of harnesses to terminal blocks which reduces onsite installation time and simplifies ongoing service and trouble-shooting

  • Value-added sourcing and engineering services to assist your team in developing custom solutions matched to your specifications and which leverage high quality and cost effective components

Our capabilities range from contract manufacturing to design/build control systems, including:

  • Control Panel Fabrication

  • Control Panel Design

  • Control Panel Assembly and Manufacturing

  • Control Panel Testing and Installation

  • Control Panel Maintenance and Repair

  • Meeting USA or International Standards

* Increases Your Productivity   

* Decreases Your Operating Costs

* Significantly Reduces Maintenance Costs

* Affordable