Fiberglass water collecting system

Why Do I Need a Re-Cyke® Fiberglass Water Collection System System?

The significant reduction in bacteria adhesion to the pit walls is one important benefit of using the Fiberglass Sump Pit.  The fiberglass pits are less expensive and easier to install than concrete vaults.  Also, the fiberglass in-ground pit system provides double wall construction of fiberglass on the interior and concrete poured around the exterior of the pit.  Water pipes and electrical conduits can be easily installed on any side of the fiberglass pit.  The fiberglass sump pits are designed to pre-separate dirt and oil from wastewater before the water enters the Re-Cyke system.  This pre-separation reduces the dirt load, which will lengthen the life span of motors and pumps and allow filters to require less maintenance

How Does the Re-Cyke® FWCS System Work?

Concrete sump pits are relatively porous and permit bacteria growth in the pores of the wall surface, which will cause continuous problems with bad water odor.  The fiberglass pits prevent this bacteria growth with significantly less potential for water odor.

Available in 31 or 47  gallon size.

Cast iron pit grate, handles and screen available as options.