Heavy Duty Cleaning Systems

Demucker Series

Compact Skid-Mounted System * High Volume with Low Pressure

Recycled Water Compatible * Fan-Cooled Motor

Low Maintenance

Why do I need the Recyke Demucker System?

The high volume/low pressure output design is most effective for cleaning equipment with muck, mud, grass, wood chips, dirt, leaves, clay, etc.  A traditional high pressure washer forces debris into the equipment’s working parts.

How Does the Demucker System Work?

The Re-Cyke® Demucker works with fresh water or in conjunction with a Re-Cyke® water treatment/ recycling system. The Demucking System is a pre-wash, on-site system that can be used indoors or outdoors. (In freeze-prone areas, indoor installation is required.)


  • High-Efficiency Diaphragm Pump

  • 208/480v, 3-phase Electric

  • Stainless Steel Frame

  • TEFC Industrial Motor

  • Pressure Gauge

  • NEMA 4X FRP Control Panel


  • UL/CSA Listing
  • Remote motor control
  • 50-100 foot Hose Options
  • Gun and Wand stand
  • Wall Mounted Hose Reel
  • Long range Turbine Gun
  • Stainless Steel Control Panel

* Wall-mounted Reel/Wand Photos are representations only.  Actual product may vary due to availability and/or modification of components.