Oil Absorbent Filters

WWD’s advanced hydrocarbon absorbags remove oil-related contaminants from water in recycling systems, oil-water separators, and sump pits.

  • Excellent filtration at a minimal price

  • Models available to fit RGF Recycling Systems and many oil water separators

  • Lab analysis available to document performance with your water (typical free oil effluent less than 1.0 ppm.)

  • Keeps your system running better with inexpensive filter changes.

  • Floating “pillow-type” models also available


Water containing free oils enters the filter through the poly mesh support.  As the water flows around the randomly oriented, multi-faceted foam cells, the free oils are absorbed into the foam.  All water is repelled and continues to pass through the filter after the free oils are removed.


  • Very cost efficient filtration

  • Easy to handle and dispose

  • Vertical round and horizontal square models available

  • Custom shapes and sizes available

Models Available

F-01SQ-1 Small Square 10″ x 12″ x 24″
F-01SQ Large Square 10″ x 12″ x 30″
F-02RD Round 10-3/4″ dia x 24″