Oil Water Separator Systems

Why Do I Need a Re-Cyke® OW System?

Oils and greases in a water stream can often be easily removed with a well-designed separator. By taking out the free oils and greases in a RE-CYKE® OW Series Separator, the water can be further treated or discharged without costly filter replacements or constant maintenance attention.

How Does the Re-Cyke® OW System Work?

The durable Re-Cyke® OW Separator is designed to remove free and non-emulsified oils and settleable solids. As water enters the inlet chamber, it rapidly disperses and is directed downward to initiate solids settling. The water slowly flows up through the coalescing matrix into the separation chamber, where oil droplets collect to rise to the surface.  The waste oils are automatically skimmed from the surface and are piped to an external waste oil collection container.  Additional solids settling occurs beneath the baffled matrix and collects in the solids hopper.


  • Removes Oil Droplets As Small As 20 Micron

  • Removes Free Oil to 10 PPM Or Less

  • Built-In Sludge Hopper

  • No Moving Parts/Fully Automatic

  • Low Maintenance  Cost

  • Aluminum construction

  • Integrated Oil Skimmer

Removes Oil and Solids from Water Stream

Maintenance-Free Construction

Compact Size Includes Sludge Collection Hopper


  • Automated Sludge removal
  • Automated Belt-Type Oil Skimmer
  • Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Conatiner
  • Oil Absorbent Filters for Additional Oil Removal
  • Cover for outdoor Operation
  • Models available upto 200 GPM